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Conserving natural gas is good for the environment and your wallet. We make it easy to get started.

Why is it important to conserve natural gas?

Natural gas is a limited natural resource, meaning there is only a finite amount available. Reducing natural gas usage decreases your overall carbon footprint, helps you save money on utility bills and overall energy costs.

Home energy audit

Enlist the help of an energy expert and sign up for a low-cost in-home energy-saving audit. An energy auditor will analyze your home and provide energy efficiency suggestions to improve the comfort, durability, safety and affordability of your home. They’ll review your natural gas bill to understand how much energy your home uses and provide energy-efficient showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe insulation and other weatherization items. Your energy expert will also provide prioritized recommendations showing you where you can get the most savings for your investment.

Other ways to conserve with upgrades

Homeowners can conserve natural gas by upgrading appliances, and water and heating equipment to more energy-efficient models. This includes natural gas heating systems and natural gas water heaters. Upgrading dishwashers, clothes washers, and even faucet aerators and showerheads can also impact natural gas usage by conserving hot water when your home uses a natural gas water heater. Replacing your thermostat with a model that schedules when your home is heated and improving your home’s air sealing and insulation can also help reduce the amount of natural gas you use.

We offer rebates and programs that make it easy to upgrade, conserve energy and realize long-term savings. Start lowering your energy bills and cash in on valuable rebates today.

*Program is subject to change or end any time without notice.