Minnesota Energy Resources is urging customers who are behind on their energy bills to reach out as soon as possible to avoid disconnection. The state’s Cold Weather Rule expires April 30.

Minnesota Energy Resources works with customers year-round to offer payment plans and help with energy assistance. Because of those efforts, less than 2% of Minnesota Energy Resources customers are at risk for disconnection.

Disconnection is always a last resort

If you are behind on your bill, visit minnesotaenergyresources.com, the Minnesota Energy Resources app, or call 800-889-9508. Minnesota Energy Resources can help you arrange a payment plan and connect you to financial assistance options.

If a customer establishes and maintains a payment plan, they are no longer at risk for disconnection.

Energy assistance is available

Some customers may qualify for energy assistance. Customers can go to https://www.minnesotaenergyresources.com/payment-bill/lieap for more information on energy assistance.

Simple ways to manage costs

There are many ways to manage energy costs at home. Visit the Minnesota Energy Resources website for a handy checklist.