Minnesota Energy Resources is celebrating dads this Father’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few thoughts about why they love being a dad.

Here are their words:

“I am thankful and fortunate to have had my dad for 52 years. He taught me a multitude of life lessons, which I have been able to use and pass down to my son and family. He instilled in us to keep a strong family bond and hold each other tightly in our hearts.” — Alfred Keuten, operations manager

“I love seeing the world with my adult children. No strollers! No diaper bags!” — David Peterson, ServiceChoice product manager

“I love being a dad, they make me who I am. Without them, I would just be Nick. The smiles, hugs and unconditional love they give when you are having a bad day make everything seem better.” — Nick Krzeminski, vice president

“The best part about being a father at this time in my life is being a grandfather. My grandchildren bring me more joy than I can describe. It’s definitely the ‘cream of life.’” — Scott Peterson, operations manager

“Being a dad has been one of the most amazing responsibilities life has offered. Seeing my kiddos develop from infants to the adults they are has made me proud. I cherish every moment of their presence in my life.” — Shawn Walls, operations supervisor