Minnesota Energy Resources is celebrating moms this Mother’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few comments about what it means to be a mom.

Here are their words.

“‘Mom’ is by far my most treasured role. From pushing three children under 3 in a double-wide stroller, to running with my now-adult children while pushing my granddaughter in a stroller through the snow during a 2.62-mile Thanksgiving fun run, being together as a family brings me immeasurable joy.” — Peggy Kelsey, executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary

“Being a mom allows me to offer unconditional love, practice patience and receive joy.” — Alison Castronovo, senior engineer — environmental

“Being a mom is a rewarding experience where you get beautiful memories that will carry you through life. I love spending time with my daughters and getting to experience all their successes while watching them grow into the beautiful individuals that they are.” — Jennifer Polinski, senior corporate governance specialist

“I love being a mom to six children. I got to make my own friends.” — Jeanne Williams, senior commodity specialist — supply chain

“I love being a mom to three strong, smart and beautiful young ladies! Our oldest lives out of state now, and when she is home our outings are crazy because there are four of us getting ready at the same time! A little fun fact about this picture, I have two different shoes on because we all share the same ‘shoe closet.’ That’s what it’s like being a mom to three girls.” — Jennifer Kimmen, senior customer program manager

“I love being a mom because of them as a whole. When God gifted me kids, he gave me the ones he knew I needed. These boys are wild, rambunctious, free-spirited, so incredibly intelligent and their love is the best, free flowing and never ending. I love that they love God, one another, and everyone that they meet. I love learning something new from them every day, whether it’s how some Komodo dragons eat their babies (oye) or how a velociraptor isn’t the large scary thing from Jurassic World, but paleontologists believe it was about the size of a turkey and believe they had feathers — which now my kids believe turkeys and velociraptors are relatives. Who knew!?” — Nichole Rolfing, customer service associate

“I love being a mom and re-experiencing childhood again through their eyes.” — Nicole McCarthy, account manager — external relations

“I love being a mom because there is nothing like the pride you feel when you see your children learn, grow and find their passions. We are in the midst of busy times running from place to place for practices, games and other activities, but I love it. I know it won’t be long before they’re off on their own and won’t need me every day, so I try to soak it all in and enjoy it, even during the busiest of times.” —Tamara Rozmarynowski, senior communications specialist